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The new February Sky album, "Time-Honored Pathways," is everything you'd expect from the talented duo of Phil Cooper and Susan Urban:  a mix of well-crafted contemporary folk, a Dave Carter cover, a dose of delightful humorous material, and outstanding arrangements of traditional material.  This is no gray, dull February sky, but a February Sky that looms clear and bright the whole year round."  --Lilli Kuzma, "Folk Festival" on WDCB Public Radio (Glen Ellyn/ Chicago)


Time-Honored Pathways is now available for purchase from this website or at gigs.  Samples from the recording are HEREThe lyrics are HERE.


The link to CD Baby where you can buy Time-Honored Pathways as a CD, an album download, or as individual downloads is HERE


Here's the list of songs and tunes on Time-Honored Pathways:


1.  Slieve Gallen Braes  2:43

2.  Rowing from Isla to Uist  2:05

3.  Rock Spirits  5:39

4.  A Blacksmith Courted Me  4:03

5.  Inner Voice Shouting  3:37

6.  John Barleycorn  3:05

7.  The Hawthorn Tree of Cawdor  2:45

8.  Guenevere  5:40

9.  The Great Silkie  5:09

10.   Child of the Future  5:43

11.   Hector the Hero  3:22

12.   This Job  5:28

13.   I Was A Young Man  3:12

14.   Old-Fashioned Farmer  5:26

15.   Predisposed to the Sound of Bagpipes  2:48

16.   Photograph  5:32

17.   The Wind That Shakes the Barley  1:17

18.   Kate and the Ghost of Lost Love  3:20

Purchase Time-Honored Pathways here for $15 including postage!

FEBRUARY SKY CD – Our first (self-titled) CD is still available for purchase at CDBaby!  Here is a link to a very nice review of this CD at Victory Review Acoustic Music Magazine! 

OR you can order directly from us through PayPal for $15 including postage and handling - just click on the button.

Here is a list of the tracks that are on it.  Or come out to one of our gigs and you can get it in person!  You can listen to some of the finished cuts here, and you can get the lyrics here.

1.   Spencer the Rover

2.   February Sky

3.   Old Bones

4.   If You Were in Hell

5.   Billy Boy

6.   Blue As the Iowa Sky

7.   King of the Faeries

8.   Written in our Eyes

9.   Daddy's Song

10. Cod'ine

11. Ghost Train

12. Auld Wife Ayond the Fire

13. Pretty Susan

14. Child of the Earth

15. Northland Waltz

16. Relaxed Fit

17. Woman in the Woods

18. Return to the Northland